Welcome to Ali Nazar

Today we’re giving a warm welcome to ICON’s newest member, Ali Nazar. We caught up with Ali to learn more about him, his background, and his impressive professional sporting history…

Could you give a brief introduction to yourself and your work?

Hi, I’m Ali, I’m from Kuwait, and I’ve spent the past eight years in the United States pursuing my education. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Florida International University and a Master of Public Health in Biostatistics from New York University. My current mission is to pursue a PhD in Biostatistics and ultimately return to Kuwait to work as an assistant professor at Kuwait University.

What are you most looking forward to during your time with ICON at LSHTM?

I’m really eager to be a part of the ICON group at LSHTM and look forward to the valuable experiences, research opportunities, and collaborations it will offer. Pleased to be here!

Ali Nazar standing in front of LSHTMs Keppel Street door.

Is there something that might surprise people to know about you?

A little-known fact about me is that I used to be a professional swimmer in the Kuwait National Team. Unfortunately, I had to stop pursuing swimming when I went abroad for my studies.

What’s your favourite album, film and/or novel?

I’m particularly fond of Arabic albums, and I enjoy listening to them. When it comes to films and TV series, I prefer those related to sports and motivational themes, as they resonate with my interests.