Inequalities in Cancer Outcomes Network

Inequalities in cancer outcomes

Why are cancer outcomes poorer in some population groups in countries with universal access to healthcare? Why does access to optimal cancer care vary between different cancer patients? What are the mechanisms leading to such disparities? These are the type of questions our research aims to answer.

Latest posts

  • World Cancer Day 2024
    On World Cancer Day 2024, we spoke to members of ICON to hear some reflections and introspection. We posed the question; how and why did you end up researching cancer inequalities, and what motivates you to keep researching in this space? Here’s what they had to say.
  • Welcome to Eva Kagenaar
    Today we’re welcoming Eva Kagenaar, who will be working on the SORT study at ICON. We caught up with Eva to hear more.
  • ​​Event – Beyond cancer: Film screening and Q&A​
    To mark World Cancer Day 2024, the Centre for Global Chronic Conditions, Inequalities in Cancer Outcomes Network (ICON), and the Cancer Interest Group are co-hosting a film screening of ‘Beyond cancer’ on 8 February.
  • Welcome to Koki Shimizu
    Today we’re welcoming Koki Shimizu. We caught up with Koki to learn more about him.
  • October’s ICON day
    October’s ICON Day was full, varied, and also happened to be my first as Communications Officer for ICON. Here’s a summary of what went on.
  • Interning with the ICON group at LSHTM
    We spoke with our 2023 intern, Princess Obayori, to find out more about her experience of interning with the ICON group, and how LSHTM’s partnership with HDR UK began.

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