SORT: Surgery or radiotherapy for early-stage cancer

Project overview

This study will compare radiotherapy versus surgery for treatment of people with early-stage cancers of the lung, oesophagus and bladder, and provide recommendations to help improve patients’ outcomes.

SORT full study team

The main objectives are to understand:

  1. the effect of having radiotherapy rather than surgery on patient’s outcomes
  2. the NHS costs of radiotherapy compared to curative surgery
  3. the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on inequalities in the receipt of treatments.

The study will prioritise involvement of people with experience of cancer and those from communities who have the worst outcomes. We will bring together a diverse and representative patient and public involvement panel to feed into the research and output of results.

We will work with charities, such as Fight Bladder Cancer and collaborators including the Centre for Ethnic Health Research, to reach, involve, listen, and respond to the voices of those from relevant communities.

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Project staff

Prof Richard Grieve

Prof. Richard Grieve


Dr David Lugo-Palacios

Dr David Lugo-Palacios


Yuki Alencar


Funded by NIHR, National Institute for Health and Care Research