Welcome to the ICON Infographics Series

The principal aims of our infographic series are:

  • To share our research findings in a way that is more accessible and translatable than our academic outputs
  • To share our research findings in a visual format that is appealing and conveys the main messages of our results and, in some cases, how the research was conducted
  • To create visual representations of our academic outputs that can be interpreted by others in meaningful ways to spark conversations or engage individuals or groups
  • To communicate our research methods and outputs with relevant stakeholders such as clinicians, public health professionals, other researchers, cancer patients and policy makers
  • To expand and improve communication of our research with the general public

These infographics are developed through a collaborative process between ICON researchers, non-academic staff and external stakeholders. In particular we would like to acknowledge the contributions of Adrian Turculet, Yuki Alencar and our brilliant Patient and Public Representatives.  

We hope you will find these interesting and welcome any feedback. This page will be updated as further research is published. Please click on the headings below to access the infographic.