Inequalities in cancer outcomes

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This Cancer Research UK funded Programme has as its main ambition to reduce inequalities in cancer survival, ensuring that everyone, regardless of sociodemographic background, benefits from improvements in cancer care. The first three quinquennia of the programme (2005-2010, 2010-2015 and 2015-2020) measured trends and patterns of inequalities, identified the factors behind those inequalities and examined the role of individual tumour and patient factors on the inequalities in cancer care and survival by sociodemographic categories.

The fourth quinquennium (2020-2025), led by Professor Bernard Rachet, aims to describe how the interplay between patient characteristics and healthcare system components affect inequalities in cancer outcomes, and to quantify the impact of the interplay on cancer outcomes inequalities under a causal framework built with stakeholders and patient representatives. By identifying and explaining the mechanisms which generate the persisting inequalities in cancer care and survival, our research will suggest interventions and evaluate existing and suggested interventions in their ability to reduce inequalities. The evidence provided by our research will enable policymakers to address these inequalities through targeted interventions.

Project Staff

Prof. Bernard Rachet

Professor of Cancer Epidemiology

Project team:

Yuki Alencar, Aurélien Belot, Edmund Njeru Njagi, Camille Maringe, Sara Benitez Majano, Dr. Miguel Angel Luque-Fernandez, Matthew James Smith, Manuela Quaresma