Monitoring multidimensional aspects of quality of life after cancer immunotherapy, an open smart digital Platform

This four-year ERC Horizon 2020 funded project (2020-2024), involves 13 institutions from 9 different countries and is led by the Hospices Civils de Lyon, France. It aims to develop a platform to collect, manage and analyse a large amount of data on health status and multidimensional aspects of health related quality of life (physical, mental and social wellbeing) of cancer patients after immunotherapy. This will provide insights for clinicians and policy makers to propose individualised monitoring strategies following immunotherapy, in order to minimize risks for the patients and optimise their quality of life.

Our main involvement in this project is to lead the quantitative analyses required to understand the causal determinants of quality of life following immunotherapy. More specifically, we will identify patterns of adverse events following immunotherapy and investigate how their occurrence impacts the different components of quality of life.

Project Staff

Principal Investigators:

Dr. Clémence Leyrat

Assistant Professor in Statistics

Prof. Bernard Rachet

Professor of Cancer Epidemiology


Manuela Quaresma


Ananya Malhotra