Graphical tools for performance indicators in cancer survival research

Manuela Quaresma and Bernard Rachet

Funnel plots were developed to enable comparison of institutional performance whilst showing the precision of each measure. We first used them to show variation between surgeons and over time in the proportion of women referred for radiotherapy after breast cancer, for a Panorama documentary broadcast in 2006. We also used them to show differences in the excess hazard of death from breast cancer among women managed by different surgeons.

We have developed funnel plots to improve the visualisation of geographical and temporal patterns in cancer survival for health policy-makers. A tutorial paper describes the use of these plots for various measures, such as relative survival and the excess hazard of death (Quaresma et al., 2014). We also set out new statistical formulations of the control limits for each of these measures.

We have also developed smoothed maps to improve the presentation and interpretation of the results for national strategic purposes, as well as for local management.

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