ewblft (creation and smoothing of life tables)

Camille Maringe, Bernard Rachet and Libby Ellis          

  Access tool

A suite of life tables is available to registered users (press on ‘Login for Access’ and enter the password you were given when registering for access). You will have access to the life tables we have constructed for England and Wales containing age-sex-mortality rates for five deprivation groups based on various indices of deprivation, by geographic region and calendar year or period. Life tables for Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland are also available.

Sub-national life tables have been smoothed either by applying Ewbank’s 4-parameter model life table system to the observed mortality rates with the English Life Table 1991 as standard (archive), or by a Poisson model (published in 2009). You can perform the Ewbank procedure with your own data using our Stata® command ewblft, which you can also download free, once you have registered.

Contact: Bernard.Rachet@lshtm.ac.uk