Cancer in the population – a UCL Partners Symposium

A showcase for population-based cancer research in the University College London Partners Academic Health Science Centre.

The Academic Health Science Centre includes University College London, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Queen Mary University, Barts Health Trust, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust, Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust and University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Symposium recordings

These session recordings were made at the UCLPartners Academic Health Science Partnership’s symposium ‘Cancer in the Population’, which took place on 10th September 2018, hosted by the Cancer Survival Group at LSHTM, London.

Introduction (recording)
The Academic Health Science Centre – its profile in cancer research
Prof Tariq Enver, UCLH

Session 1 (recording)
Screening and early diagnosis – the need to expand and refocus the research agenda
Prof Stephen Duffy, DH Policy Research Unit in Cancer Awareness, Screening and Early Diagnosis, QMUL

Session 2 (recording)
Children with cancer – how can we improve outcomes in the UK?
Prof Kathy Pritchard-Jones, UCLH/GOSH

Session 3 (recording not available)
Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in teenagers and young adults: where have we got to and where are we going?
Dr Rachael Hough, UCLH

Session 4 (recording)
Early diagnosis of cancer and patient experience: examples of healthcare epidemiology research
Prof Yoryos Lyratsopoulos, UCL

Session 5 (recording)
Global surveillance of trends in cancer survival – how does it contribute to cancer control?
Dr Claudia Allemani, LSHTM

Session 6 (recording)
The use of sensitive patient data for cancer research in the UK – can we do it better?
Prof Michel Coleman, LSHTM